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A beautiful lawn or garden takes plenty of water, but you don’t have to spend hours in the hot sun if you’ve kept up with your sprinkler repair. Salt Lake City is up to date on the advancements in irrigation technology, and locals can easily create lush landscapes in Utah with minimal effort.

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A small investment in a modern, efficient sprinkler system will save you money in the long run while nurturing a stunning landscape that will be the envy of passersby.
At Lush Landscaping SLC, we specialize in the design, installation and repair of irrigation systems in the Salt Lake City area. If you’re the owner of a residential or commercial property, prompt sprinkler repair is one way to maintain the curb appeal of your property year-round.

Design And Installation Of Sprinkler Systems

A steady supply of water maintains green areas beautifully. As a team of experienced landscape designers and technicians, Lush Landscaping SLC can help you create a plan for how to incorporate this sprinkler system into your yard or commercial grounds. Your input is important to us, and we discuss each step of the design and installation with you to ensure that our expectations align.  If you already have a landscape in place that needs some attention, our professionals can offer advice on how to improve the irrigation or make it more cost-effective. We aim to provide you with a sprinkler system that combines the best coverage at the lowest possible cost. If it has some issues along the way, our professionals will be available to organize reliable sprinkler repair (Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas).

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Sprinkler System Maintenance and Repairs

If you already have an irrigation system, including lawn sprinklers, our regular maintenance service will do wonders for improving its performance and longevity. Regular maintenance also prevents expensive repairs from lack of care or adjustments to the irrigation equipment. Once your irrigation system starts developing more frequent sprinkler problems, our professionals will adapt their approach.

You can rely on Lush Landscaping SLC for timely and affordable sprinkler repair. Salt Lake City is a harsh environment, and you want to know that your irrigation equipment has plenty of life ahead of it. Our technicians find the best solutions to keep the sprinkler system running in top shape, and we’ll only suggest replacement options when absolutely necessary.


As the colder months roll around, protecting your irrigation system should be a priority. Winterization of sprinkler systems is crucial, as delicate fixtures like sprinkler heads might need replacing during the colder months. A broken or leaking sprinkler system will also cause irreversible damage to your landscape if it freezes or bursts, costing time and money to recover.

Before winter, Lush Landscapes SLC provides regular check-ups on the system for leaks, and we look out for any persistent sprinkler problem. Where necessary, we do repairs and other winter preparations, like closing the water supply and draining all water from the pipes and sprinklers. Attention to detail in these processes prevents freezing and potential cracks so that your irrigation is in excellent working condition when spring arrives.

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Lush Landscaping SLC is a professional service company with skills in designing, installing, and maintaining irrigation systems in Salt Lake City, UT. Our years of experience mean that we are uniquely qualified to deliver the highest quality of service for irrigation and landscaping in the area. Give Lush Landscaping SLC a call today at (385)200-7825 today to find out how a modern sprinkler system can transform your green spaces.


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