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If boosting property value through curb appeal is your goal, the easiest way to achieve it is through gorgeous landscape design. Salt Lake City commercial and residential property owners want attractive premises for customers and welcoming homes that showcase local Utah hospitality.

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Our experienced landscape contractors at Lush Landscaping SLC can help you with that.Quality landscape design and installation is both a science and an art. Our professionals bring plenty of hard work and experience to the table, which is why Lush Landscaping is the premier landscape design company in Salt Lake City, Utah. We create stunning landscapes, outdoor living spaces, and custom additions like a water feature.

Salt Lake City Landscape Design

Salt Lake City landscape design is a delicate process if you consider the planning that goes into it. It involves organizing outdoor spaces and considering how these locations will be used or developed with time. Many factors affect how practical the ideas need to be, including social and environmental considerations.

As a discipline, landscape design is far more extensive than planting trees or hedges or installing a fountain and a concrete path. The nuances of the work at the start changes the final product over the next growing season. Our professionals also take the owner’s original ideas, personality, and intentions into account to bring the space to life. At Lush Landscaping SLC, we offer the full spectrum of landscape design services, from utilizing plants and vegetation to creating social hubs, like outdoor kitchens and dining areas. Our aim is to provide style and functionality in one package, and the options are limitless. You may want walkways, fireplaces, and lounging areas, and our landscaping experts allow you to unleash your creativity right from the planning stages.

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Architecture And Landscape Design, Utah

Adding functionality through landscape architecture ensures that these areas enhance the quality of life in your home or the utility of your commercial property. It might be building a beautiful patio, gazebo, or pergola, where you can spend time with the family, or a stunning water fountain or pond for refreshment on scorching summer days. If you are open to our guidance, we are happy to combine your vision with our years of experience for a stunning design that will turn heads.

If creative lighting seems a romantic choice, that’s another way to transform dark spaces into a wonderland through skillful landscape design. Utah lends itself well to landscaping flexibility, and our professionals have decades of experience in enhancing commercial or residential properties this way. Lush Landscaping SLC is at your disposal, no matter the scope of the project.

We are proud to serve the local community with impressive landscape transformations in Utah’s unforgiving climate. With us, your property can become a place that radiates true Utah hospitality.

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Lush Landscaping SLC is a professional service company providing landscape design and installation in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our experience in the field makes us uniquely qualified to deliver custom-made landscaping services. We enhance your property’s aesthetics and functionality through creative and reliable solutions. Our experienced team of professional landscape designers and technicians are happy to work around your ideas and craft custom landscape models that will forever transform your property. We aim to provide beautiful spaces for you that are easy to maintain and will look amazing for decades to come. Give Lush Landscaping SLC a call today at (385)200-7825 for a free consultation.


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