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Do you need professional services for tree removal? Salt Lake City is full of beautiful trees, and Lush Landscaping SLC is proud to serve the community with our affordable tree removal and care services in this part of Utah.

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Our years of experience in the tree care sector ensure we provide high-quality work that saves you time and money, keeping your yard in pristine condition year-round.
The presence of large and small trees can do wonders for a property in Salt Lake City. Tree landscaping is one of those practices that brings multiple benefits, including future generations reaping the rewards of today’s tree services. When these green giants require special attention, stump grinding, or a general clean-up, you can rely on our professional tree removal. 

Yard Clean-Up Salt Lake City

Trees and hedges are the foundation pieces of appealing landscapes, framing natural barriers and shielding the property from the elements. While lawns require constant care, it is easy to overlook the trees and hedges that grow slowly. If it’s been a while, the mess may even cause significant damage to property or pose a safety risk. Once these plants get out of hand, you may find yourself in desperate need of a yard clean-up. Salt Lake City is also prone to storm damage and extreme weather, so it’s best to ask for our professional help. Regular maintenance visits should keep your trees in check, and Lush Landscaping SLC specializes in yard clean-up services. Our qualified technicians will visit your property, inspect it for hazardous trees or branches, and discuss your options for pruning or tree removal. Salt Lake City also necessitates careful consideration of power lines and other installations that might require crane work or tree trimming services, like stump removal.

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Yard Maintenance Salt Lake City

One of the most important factors of an attractive landscape is adequate yard maintenance. Salt Lake City has the type of climate that discourages regular yard work, but a messy area quickly becomes unattractive and potentially dangerous for visitors. Hiring a professional service, like Lush Landscaping, ensures that your backyard will always be in pristine condition.

Our services cover tree maintenance and tree care, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and sprinkler repair. Salt Lake City provides many opportunities for us to employ the latest technology and equipment in our regular maintenance routines. A professional service like ours will save you hours on mowing, trimming, watering, and cleaning your yard.

Our team of landscapers has decades of experience in both landscaping and tree removal. Salt Lake City has a unique climate, and these shrubs and trees often require special attention to stay healthy and keep the property tidy. Trees are immensely valuable, providing a powerful wind barrier and coveted pockets of shade, and Lush Landscaping SLC is proud to contribute to keeping this a green community.

Professional Maintenance and Tree Removal, Salt Lake City

Lush Landscaping SLC is a professional service company specializing in yard maintenance and clean-up in Utah. Our experience in the field makes us uniquely qualified to deliver the highest quality of trimming, pruning, and removal services for the residents of the Salt Lake City area. Once our landscaping professionals work their magic on your property, you’ll wish you had called us sooner. Call Lush Landscaping SLC at [PHONE NUMBER] today for a free estimate, and let us restore your yard to pristine condition.


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